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Paragliding (PG)

Paragliding (PG)

Package 1, PG – Training on school equipment – R9,940**, intro course

Package 2, PG – Training on own equipment – R20,940**, Full Course

Note: Package 2, excludes the following:

  • Any Out of town cost (Mountain trips etc)
  • damage to equipment for the client’s account
  • Final Licencing fee to SACAA and SAHPA not include (est R1,500)

Package 1, PG Intro course on School Equipment

We offer the student the opportunity to experience the freedom of flying before buying any equipment. The introductory course takes place at Grasslands Flying Club on weekends (est 2 weekends), weather permitting. The average course consists of the following:

* Introductory theory lesson

* Ground training (Wing control)

* Basic RT procedures

* between 10 Winch flights (est 150 feet high)

* SAHPA Student registration, Valid for 6 months

Grassland Club fees (R500) valid for 6 months

Package2, Complete PG license on Own equipment
The complete PG course takes place at Grasslands and surrounding SAHPA Mountain training sites over a period of 9-15 days, Weather Permitting
The complete course includes the following:
* Ground training and winch flights on School Equipment (while waiting for own Equipment)
* All Theory training and Exams marking
* Winch Training, Min 10 Flights
* Mountain Training (Thermal flying and ridge souring) and balance of flights (min 35 flights in total). This will be conducted on flyaway to suitable sites in conjunction with our partners at iconic flying sites, as set out in our calendar.
* SAHPA Student registration, valid 6 months

* Grassland Club fees (R500) valid for 6 months

** Note: Training fees and package valid for six months unless arraignments are made during the time for extension.

See full Terms on website: https://paramotorsa.co.za/epic-tc/