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Paramotors (PPG) backpacks

Some Guidance on what motor to get. important to get the correct motor size, “thrust” e.g.

  • Pilot weighing 100Kg will require a motor with at least 75Kg Thrust at our average Altitude in Gauteng (4600feet ASL)
  • The Same Pilot 100Kg pilot at sea level will get away with 60Kg Thrust
  • Important, To much power, is also very dangerous.
  • “Weight matters” Old style motors (second hand available weighs in the region of 30kg+ some even up to 40KG). The latest generation of motors weighing around 23Kg.

Paratrikes (PPT/PPC)

Important when looking at trikes, especially tandem tikes to keep the following in mind:

“Safety and reliability “

Flyproduct trikes are world renowned, recon to be the best in its class. Even in SA the Eco trikes are very popular, the “tractor” of the sky. Ideal for low and slow on the farm, game farms and general safe flying. The Luna trike is Flyproduct flagship and one of the best tandem trikes in the world with ballistic reserve chute and lots more