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Why it is very important to support your local club and School!

Paramotor and paragliding is a very small community in South Africa with limited schools and instructors. At the moment we got 10 registered Paramotor schools with less than 5 Paratrikes instructors.

Without your local support, clubs and schools will not survive. The future of clubs and schools depends on your continuous support for equipment sales and support.

Epic Aviation and a few schools in SA work together to provide the best service and equipment packages to our clients. The SA market is very small and in most cases, our product agents require minimum sales to stay a dealer. To grow and support the market we as schools and dealers started working and supporting each other. By grouping orders and sales, we started to increase our order count and secure dealerships and better discounts.

Over the last two years, prices went through the roof, Exchange rates and imported costs. Just in the last 6 months, imported costs have almost increased by more than 50%. In almost all the cases we as dealers, schools make less than 20% GP to sustain our schools and clubs.

Clubs can not survive without an authorised training facility. Grasslands Flying club rely on our support, and support from the three ATO (Authorised Training facility), Epic Aviation, UAVI (Drones) and CSM (microlights).

Epic Aviation partners and network dealers:

               Apco Aviation (Epic Aviation)

               Ozone Paragliders (Paramotor Africa)

               ITV (Paramotor Africa)

               Airconception (Paramotor Africa)

               Flyproducts (Epic Aviation)

               SOL (Fanie)

              Vittorazi (Garry)

Simonini (Epic Aviation)