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Latest Epic News

Latest Epic News

June 6, 2019

It has been almost 15 years since we started building PPG’s and Trikes with the well known Spider PPG and nDiza trikes. The Spider PPG’s were before its time in 2010 and since then over 92 units sold to SA market and 4 other countries. Over the last years, we developed the new Spider 4Light unit. We plan to complete final development by end July and starting flight testing for a few Months. The plan is to have the unit ready by Dec this year.

Some of the Spider 4light Futures:

  • Combination of Carbon/kevlar, Aluminium (Base Model) and Titanium for the Premium unit
  • One sizes carbon or titanium struts. Limit the need for different spares
  • +12L fuel tank
  • Single or double Aluminium or titanium outer frame
  • Propper Carbon/Kevlar back protection plate
  • Available with either the Apco light or SLT harness
  • Weight shift with slider bar offset for torque.
  • Std fit, Vitorazzi Moster (hand or Electric start)
  • Adaptor plates for, Minnari, Corsair, Simonini motors

The main drive around the new design is based on compatibility, weight, and ease of assembly and one size outer frame parts. Minimize the spares that you have to keep.